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Amish Pick Up Lines

So today we were working away, packing and shipping online orders. As many of you already know, we have been overwhelmed with online business these last two weeks due to the popularity of a TicTok. We have been working long days, trying to get caught up with this sudden influx of business. Joe, a 35 year old Amish man was helping today, along with three English (non-Amish) women and myself. We were talking about how we met our significant others....lots of laughing and giggling. I asked Joe, “How did you meet your wife, wedding or funeral?” *Weddings and funerals truly are social events for the Amish culture.

He slyly answered, “Wedding, actually two.”

I teasingly asked, “What did you do, ask her for her number?” (Amish don’t have or use phones.) He boldly responded, “No! I asked her for her address.” All of us “English“ people looked around amused at this idea, secretly enamored at this simplistic courtship which included writing hand-written letters back and forth. Oh, how we miss on these treasures sometimes in our fast-paced lives!

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